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Build you own online rental business and OTA brand

Quickly build a hybrid rental platform
Provide a compreshensive marketing plan
Shopify of rental business
Build OTA in 10 minutes
Quality traffic channels
Support daily/monthly mixed rental
Maximize revenue
Crossing sales
Batch listings online
Central management
Multiple OTA support
Digital property management, bookings and guests central management, technical integrations with thrid-party products
Online support, self booking, standard short-term and monthly renal booking process, online agreement and payment
Rich functions and slick UI
Impressed data flow and benefits
Manage booking requests, online process rental agreements, overdue billings reminder
Manage Orders
Mixed rental bookings management, credit card and other online payments
Booking calendar
Support calendar sync over external OTA and dynamic pricing strategies
Online Service
Online support, self booking, standard short-term and monthly renal booking process, online agreement and payment
Update property and listings with different categories and dimensions
Schedule different kinds of events, config on sales, basic marketing management
Create collection of listings for targeting promotion or on sales
Security policies on roles and permissions, cooperation in a modern way
Multidimentional showcase
Convenient services and process
Prospect booking rate
VR tour
Self booking
Pay online
Signing agreement
Customer Services

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Package A
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10000 JPYper month
less than 10 rooms
5% commission of each order
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50000 JPYper month
10 to 100 rooms
4% commission of each order
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Package C
Subscription cost
100000 JPYper month
more than 100 rooms
3% commission of each order
Free trial
Customer cases
Founded in 1984, CLEARTH LIFE Group provides integrated support connected with investment apartments, focusing on condominiums in particular, to help investors with every step of the ownership process, from entrance to exit, including leasing management, building management and circulation on the housing market.
CLEARTH LIFE currently connects 500+ listings on MOTA

By working with MOTA:
Integrated WeChat and entered into the China market of tremendous opportunities
Improved our management and sales productivity by leveraging the mixed rental types support
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